Review: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012 Edition

Review: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012 Edition

old forester birthday bourbon 2012

Old Forester’s annual “Birthday Bourbon,” a limited edition release celebrating the birthday of one of Brown-Forman’s founders, is upon us.

This year’s B-day Bourbon is 12 years old (its typical age), crafted from a single-day’s production of 82 barrels of whiskey. (The twist with this batch is that the mashbill included 2% extra malted barley than the usual Old Forester mash.)

Immediately this whiskey struck me as very light and mild, not at all the smoky, burly monsters that Old Forester’s Birthday Bourbons can sometimes be. Peaches are at the forefront here, along with maraschino cherries, sugar syrup, and touches of orange juice. It is almost like a Manhattan cocktail in a glass.

This is one of the most easy-drinking Birthday Bourbons I’ve encountered, and it drinks much younger than its 12 years of age. That smoothness comes at the expense of some depth and complexity, but there’s no denying the overall quality and craftsmanship of this year’s Birthday Bourbon.

97 proof.


Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012 Edition




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  1. Mark on December 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    I have a bottle of Old Forester 125 proof from the 125th aniversity collection. Can anyone tell me its value or where would be the best place to sale. It is in a wooden box with papers. It is labeled on the back, “Not for Resale”

  2. Shane Lobato on July 4, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    I have 2 bottles of Old Foresters 2012 Birthday Bourbon. I live in Boise Idaho and there are no local resellers for these. Does anyone know how I can sell these legally?

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