Review: Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur

Review: Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur

Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur

Believe it or not, Dancing Pines is not the first chai tea liqueur we’ve reviewed. That honor goes to Voyant, a cream-based liqueur so nice we named it our favorite liqueur of 2010.

Dancing Pines is not cream-inclusive — it’s a straight, syrupy, brownish liqueur — and that alone is a curiosity. Chai — as it is commonly served in the west — is sweetened, spiced tea with milk, and taking the dairy out of the equation is a bit odd for us unaccustomed to “straight” chai. Sure, you can add milk or half & half to Dancing Pines to replicate the Indian bevereage, but Voyant’s approach I find is on the whole a bit more appealing.

The flavors in the Colorado-based Dancing Pines are rich and authentic. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves — the whole baking spice cupboard, really — with modest tea leaf undertones. Very spicy, and extremely sweet. The body is very thick and syrupy, to the point where tippling on Dancing Pines is like sipping Grand Marnier: Some may find this sticky sweetness appealing; others will be put off after a few overpowering sips.

60 proof.


Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur




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