Review: Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

Review: Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

Boyd and Blair are a couple of dudes in Pennsylvania who named this vodka after their fathers. Made from local potatoes, it is, as most potato vodkas tend to be, a spirit with character and heart.

The nose offers earth and vegetation, much like I’d expect a potato farm to smell like — not exactly like raw potatoes but more like the ground in which they grow. On the palate, a lightly sweet surprise, backed up by companion flavors to the nose — broiled green peppers, wet earth, and maybe a touch of lemon peel on the very back.

This all, I assure you, comes together in a much more appealing way than those individual descriptors might make you think, but Boyd & Blair is far from a gentle spirit. A burly vodka with lots of stuff going on — the company even calls it “the original flavored vodka” — those looking for truly “neutral” spirits might find this a little overwhelming. Give it lots of air and time.

80 proof.


Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka




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