Review: Comb Vodka

Review: Comb Vodka

Comb Vodka

Here’s proof that you can make vodka out of anything: Comb Vodka, in Port Chester, New York, makes it out of honey (orange blossom honey, to be specific).

As Comb’s producer says, honey is expensive and hard to work with, so why would someone try to turn it into vodka? Because the like the way it turns out in the end.

This vodka’s origins are worn right on its sleeve: You get honey on the nose and the palate from beginning to end. The nose is more mellow, with the honey notes melding with an earthy, lightly medicinal backbone. The body amps this up with even more honey flavor — and perhaps a touch of that orange flower character you get with honeys made incorporating that botanical.

This is a good vodka but one with a very specific focus and, perhaps, a more limited playbook than you might expect.

80 proof.

B+ / $33 /

Comb Vodka




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