Tequila Revolucion Serves Up Drinks with Dinner

Tequila Revolucion Serves Up Drinks with Dinner

The closest I typically get to drinking a tequila cocktail with dinner is the occasional margarita with Mexican food, but the good folks at Tequila Revolucion set out to prove that tequila is more versatile than just that.

Revolucion PR rep Tim Yates and brand ambassador Summer-Jane Bell hosted a group of us to a lavish dinner at San Francisco’s Fifth Floor recently, where the meal was paired with four different cocktails made with the stuff, plus all the straight spirits — Revolucion has five expressions — you cared to sample.

My favorite of the night (and arguably the house fave, too): aged prime rib with porcinis, spring onions, and smoked potato, paired with a brooding cocktail (nameless) made from Revolucion Anejo, sherry, King’s Ginger liqueur, and amaro. I was also quite partial to the cocktail paired with a vegetable/fruit concoction called “Introduction to Summer,” made from Revolucion Reposado, Konbu infused dry vermouth, nettle cordial (house made by mixologist Brian Means), lemon, and elderflower. Loved drinking the Extra Anejo with dessert, too.

Lots of good stuff, and I’d undoubtedly consider serving a light tequila cocktail with a first course in lieu of white wine or Champagne. But, that said, as with all spirits-focused dinners, one does long for a glass of smoldering red wine with a big dinner like this by the time the second or third hour rolls along!

Thanks to everyone at Revolucion for hosting such a fun event.

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