Review: New Amsterdam Vodka (2012)

Review: New Amsterdam Vodka (2012)

new amsterdam vodka

Our review of New Amsterdam Gin remains one of the most controversial on the site. Now the company is back with its own vodka, of the same brand.

Made in Modesto from grain neutral spirits and distilled five times, I doubt this vodka will be as fiercely debated as the gin. Silky smooth and lightly sweet (likely sweetened a bit), there are precious few characteristics to discover here. No flavor to speak of, just a lingering sweetness and the lightest touch of burn on the finish.

Fans of truly neutral vodkas or folks looking for a flavorless way to spike the punch need look no further. Those who want their vodka to have muscle and character won’t be intrigued.

80 proof.


New Amsterdam Vodka (2012)




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