4th of July Cocktails from Bagatelle LA

4th of July Cocktails from Bagatelle LA

These cocktails come to us from Bagatelle LA, a French bistro in West Hollywood that proves you don’t have to be a BBQ joint to be patriotic on Independence Day. Give them a try!

Le Bajan Groove
1 ½ oz. Grey Goose La Poire
½ oz. falernum
½ oz. coconut water
3 cucumber slices
3 mint leaves
1 large basil leaf

Muddle cucumber, basil, and mint in a shaker tin. Add remaining ingredients and fill shaker tin with ice. Shake hard and strain over fresh ice. Shake hard and strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass. Garnish with cucumber.

Bagatelle Bloody Mary
Batch of fresh Roma Tomatoes
Worcestershire Sauce (amount dependent on taste)
3-6oz Lemon Juice
3-6oz Dirty Sue Olive Juice
1-2 spoonfuls of Horseradish
Tabasco to hit desired spice level
Several nice pinches of Espelette Pepper and Sea Salt
1-2 spoon fulls of pink and black peppercorn
Belevedere Vodka
Burgundy Wine

Puree fresh tomatoes until smooth. Add in ingredients in order except Belvedere and Burgundy Wine, blending as you add in ingredients. Pour 2 oz of Belvedere vodka to every 5 oz of mix over ice to mix everything together. Garnish with lemon wheel, a single olive and top with 1oz. of Burgundy Wine to float on top.

Pantanal Punch
1 Bottle Moet & Chandon
1 bottle Veev Cucumber
Sliced cucumber

Combine ingredients in a large punch bowl and mix to taste, adding in additional fruit if needed. Let guests self serve.

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