Review: Camus Extra Elegance Cognac

Review: Camus Extra Elegance Cognac

We’ve been mega-fans of the Camus line of Cognac — currently rare in the U.S. but popular around the world (check out duty-free for some amazing deals on the stuff, btw) — for quite a while, and now the distillery is releasing a new expression to top its already high-end XO bottling: Camus Extra Elegance.

As with its other bottlings, Camus doesn’t indicate an age on this spirit, but it’s clearly on the aged side, I’m guessing at least 40 or more years in barrel.

Mild, and more balanced than Camus’ XO bottling (which I have on hand for head-to-head comparisons), this is a subtle Cognac (unlike many well-aged brandies) vs. its counterparts. Orange, peach, and lively floral notes are on the forefront here, along with hints of maple syrup. This is an extraordinarily fruity Cognac — no funky leather, mushroom, or earthy notes to serve as a distraction — and that’s both a plus and a minus. Seekers of ultra-smooth brandies will love the stuff. Those looking for a deep and complex experience may find this a bit simplistic given the price tag.

80 proof.


Camus Extra Elegance Cognac




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  1. Joe on September 6, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    While this product is ‘stunningly’ s m o o t h.
    its taste is strange though striking. I remember when I bought a mini
    bottle of this Camus Extra product, the smell was ‘other worldly’ but its taste compared to remy extra perfection or the much less costly maison surrenne xo 1972 are simply better when it comes to classic high end cognac taste experience.

  2. joel Stuart on June 25, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    follow up:

    -Remy Martin Extra Perfection- BLOWS away Camus Extra.
    trust me on this one.

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