Review: Cardinal American Dry Gin

Cardinal Gin. Get it?

Sure ya do.

This American gin hails from Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The 11 (organic and wild) botanicals used in this gin don’t get enumerated, so we have to guess at them instead. Modestly juniper-infused and intensely floral, this is a gin with a different and unique style to it.

Let’s pick out the flavors we can peg, shall we? The most prominent ones I get: Licorice, cinnamon, and chamomile flowers. Orange and juniper come along later, particularly in the finish until the cinnamon notes grab hold again at the very end. This is a gin with a moderate body, but quite a bit of sweetness in comparison to other gins. Almost a nougat-like, creamy sweetness. Really quite pleasant, lasting, and inviting.

Overall, a really great product worth experiencing if you’re a gin lover.

84 proof.

A- / $29 /

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