Review: Twenty 2 Vodka

Review: Twenty 2 Vodka

Hailing from Maine, Twenty 2 Vodka is stilled in small, custom-designed, 50-gallon pot stills (from unspecified grains). Chill filtered through activated charcoal and cut with local water, it is bottled at 80 proof.

Twenty 2 prizes itself on its neutrality, and indeed it is one of the cleanest, least flavorful vodkas I’ve encountered. No sweetness, no spice. This has that raw medicinal character you expect from, say, a Russian or Polish vodka, with plenty of bite but nothing else going on to speak of.

Some will find that refreshing. Some will be disappointed. The trend in modern vodkas, of course, has been toward less neutral spirits, with some vodkas so funky and flavorful they stretch the definition of the word. Here we have a crisp and simple spirit, with some touches of chocolate here and there. The finish is clean and drying.

What are we left with? Really, a quite solid vodka… if neutrality is what you’re looking for.

Reviewed: Batch 12.08, bottle 103. 80 proof.

B+ / $29 /

Twenty 2 Vodka




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