Review: Voli Lyte Vodka

Review: Voli Lyte Vodka

Listen up: You can make light vodka at home yourself! Take a new bottle of vodka and pour out half of it. Replace what you poured out with water and shake it up. Presto!

Voli Lyte takes the difficulty out of this operation for you, bottling its own low-cal vodka, which promises to cut 25 percent of the calories out of the typical shot, clocking in at 74 calories per 1.5 fluid oz. serving. Naturally, you are getting less alcohol in the process: The Fergie-endorsed Voli Lyte is 60 proof and, as a side effect, isn’t safe to put in the freezer (because it might actually freeze). Distilled from wheat in Cognac, France, its added ingredients also include “natural flavor and electrolytes.”

Despite its lyteness, Voli cuts a very traditional outline on the palate. Intensely medicinal on the nose, it is at first sweet on the tongue then quickly turns astringent. There’s some caramel in the finish, but otherwise it is simply lacking in much real flavor (never mind the electrolytes!) … not unlike another “light” beverage you’re probably familiar with.

60 proof.

B- / $24 /

Voli Lyte Vodka




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