Book Review: Drinkology

Book Review: Drinkology

drinkology bookJames Waller’s Drinkology: The Art and Science of the Cocktail, aims for the library, with its soft-touch rubber-like coating covering the hardboard backing of this squat but thick tome. As the subtitle implies, there’s plenty of art and science to be found here – complete with stipple illustrations to show you how to rim a glass or use a Boston shaker.

400 recipes follow the basic tutorial stuff, segregated by primary spirit. It’s pretty easy to find what you want in this book… as long as you’re looking for a classic or mega-popular modern cocktail. If you need to know how to make a martini, a mojito, or a Long Island iced tea, Drinkology has you covered. It is considerably less populated with originals and lesser-known creations, and there is a definite surfeit of delicious-sounding avant garde stuff to be found.

Drinkology is fine for the basics – and as a book it looks really nice – but I expect most readers will already have the vast majority of these recipes in the books already on the shelves.






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