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Rewinery: 3 Wines, Delivered in One Hour, $40


Ever been in a pinch for vino? Here’s a novel concept from a company called Rewinery: Give them a call, and you’ll get three “amazing, boutique” wines delivered to you, anywhere in San Francisco (home, office, beach, park, whatever), for 40 bucks flat. You can call or use your iPhone app, but either way the wines are there in an hour, so the party can keep on keepin’ on.

Rewinery sent me its three-pack — 2009 “Fall” Chardonnay California, 2007 “Cozy” Barbera Amador County, and 2007 “Bacon” Syrah California. All three are bottled by Bada Bing Cellars in San Carlos, California, and the labels are festooned with what looks like stock photography (the names will tip you off), plus an aphorism of sorts. One thing to note: These wines change regularly (at least once a month), so you won’t actually get the wines we tasted. The ones shown below are from a different month.

We tried the wines and found them to be of hit-and-miss quality. The Chardonnay was a bit skunky and vegetal, the Barbera had no body to speak of, and the Syrah was overly jammy and cloying. Of the three, only the Syrah was something worth drinking a glass of, and even that left a lingering aftertaste of strawberry candy in the mouth.

Sure, for 40 bucks all included, Rewinery can’t be bringing Screaming Eagle to every resident in the San Francisco (sorry, Tennessee!), but I’d far rather pay $60 for 3 really good wines than $40 for 3 crummy ones. Although the company says it will bring different wines if you don’t like something you receive, my guess is that at this price level Rewinery is targeting customers that it figures aren’t likely to notice…


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