Review: Newcastle Founders’ Ale

Review: Newcastle Founders’ Ale

Newcastle has been on a tear lately with limited edition releases. A whopping four more are on the way for 2012. Here’s the first: Newcastle Founders’ Ale.

This English-style ale is light in body, in keeping with the Newcastle house style. Designed for Spring drinking (on sale through April), it is lightly sweet and lightly hopped, offering toasty bread, light caramel, and easy malt notes. Honestly, it’s a pretty mild brew, a bitter sweeter than off-the-rack Newcastle but not full of a lot of definition beyond that. Certainly the least bitter of the Newcastle brews I’ve sampled to date, it has an interesting fruitiness to match its barely-there burnt sugar finish.

4.8% abv.

B / $8 per six-pack

Newcastle Founders' Ale




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