Help Launch a New Irish Spirit

The last time we wrote about a drinking-related Kickstarter project, it got funded, and the Bourbon-focused movie being sponsored is now in production.

Now reader Ashlee Casserly is also looking to start something — and this time, it’s a bit more ambitious. She’s looking to revive an old-school white spirit called poitin, which originated in Ireland about 1000 years ago.

Says Ashlee:

Just incase you haven’t heard of it; poitin has been made in Ireland for about 1000 years. It is one of the longest established spirits in the world.  It even predates Irish whiskey and is believed to be the origin of Irish whiskey. The word ‘poitin’ (pronounced puh-cheen) is Gaelic for ‘little pots’, which is what was used to distill the liquor traditionally. Made from potatoes or barley, it is an un-aged whiskey spirit.

My brand is called 1661 Poitín, the name is derived from the fact that in the year 1661 the English Crown (who ruled Ireland at the time) outlawed the spirit because they could not regulate the many small distillers.  The ban was lifted just recently after more than 300 years.  During this time, poitín was still made illegally and recipes were handed down across generations.

Want to get into the poitin business? Check out her Kickstarter page here and reserve your bottle (or at least your name on one)!

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  1. Trey Peaden September 13, 2012 / 7:25 pm

    Please check these guys. They are the Peaden Brothers. The two are starting the first distillery in Alabama since Prohibition. Check them out on Kickstarter:

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