Review: 2010 Ricossa Moscato D’Asti

Review: 2010 Ricossa Moscato D’Asti

This Italian wine may look like any old bottle of vino from the exterior, but if you pick it up blind, you’ll be in for a real surprise once you crack it open. For starters, like most Moscato D’Asti, the wine is lightly sparkling — though it is bottled with a traditional, corkscrew-pulled cork. It’s also just 5.5% alcohol — 1/3 to 1/2 that of a typical wine, and on par with a bottle of beer.

The wine itself is classic Moscato, incredibly fruity and sweet enough to be mistaken for a dessert wine. Big peach and apricot notes do battle with pineapple, zipping along with light fruit all the way. Though they struggle to compete with that sweet fruit, floral and herbal notes come along in the finish.

B / $15

2010 Ricossa Moscato D'Asti




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