Review: Trader Joe’s Silver Tequila

Review: Trader Joe’s Silver Tequila

Excuse us… Trader Jose’s Premium Silver Tequila is a natural private label spirits extension from the upscale grocers at TJ’s, and this bottling is a 100% agave, unaged spirit. Other than that info and a NOM (1558), there’s no other data about this tequila’s provenance. But you’re only paying 17 bucks a bottle, and that’s a deal you’re just not going to get from any other 100% agave tequila, so maybe you should shut up with all the questions and start drinking the stuff instead. Sir.

This is straightforward stuff, with big big agave character the predominant character of the nose. The body however reveals more nuance: Lots of vanilla, surprising in a blanco, plus plenty of more traditional tequila character — agave, pepper, lemongrass, and hay.  The finish is long and lasting, and while the sweetness of the vanilla fades, a bitterness slowly rises. It’s not a deal breaker, but it mars a bit what is otherwise a pretty classy silver.

80 proof.

B / $17 / facebook page

Trader Joe's Silver Tequila




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