Review: Denizen White Rum

Review: Denizen White Rum

This new, white rum hails from Trinidad and Tobago (and Jamaica, if you believe the website), which is sent to Holland for blending and bottling. The final concoction includes some surprisingly old rums (up to five years old), all filtered back to a colorless white.

It’s quite an easygoing operator, with any harsh characteristics well filtered out. At its core: Solid, with traditional caramel, vanilla, and light chocolate body. Coconut is a particularly strong as a secondary characteristic, but not in a heavy, Malibu-sorta way. The wood that Denizen spends so much time in makes an appearance here, too — namely in the finish, almost as an afterthought. When freshly poured, though, there’s a bit of fuel-like funk in the finish as well, a vaporous character that dissipates with time in the glass. That’s a minor complaint in an otherwise solid rum. Don’t let the cheap-looking bottle (and the cheap price, while we’re at it) fool you.

80 proof.

A- / $16 /

Denizen White Rum




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