“Vatted” Malts No More

“Vatted” Malts No More

Whisky Advocate reports on the end of an era, terminologically speaking, anyway. In November the term “vatted” was declared illegal in Britain to use on whisky labels. The last legally “vatted” whisky was mixed up last night.

Vatted malts are a mixture of malts from different distilleries; they are distinct from blended whisky because they contain no grain whisky. But a few years ago the Scotch Whisky Association moved to have the term outlawed, and to have it replaced with the term “blended malt whisky.” Critics of the change, including Glaser and Compass Box, were vociferous in their opposition because they argue that the new term is far too similar to the term ‘blended whisky,’ and it is very difficult to explain to people, particularly in languages other than English.

For the record, I agree with Compass Box… farewell to the vat!

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