Review: Casa de Reynoso Reposado Tequila

Review: Casa de Reynoso Reposado Tequila

casa de reynoso tequila

The companion tequila of Rancho Nuevo, Casa de Reynoso has a fun story behind it, as related to me by it’s importer.

“After being scorned by a beautiful women, Reynoso’s friend went to see him at this house (casa in Spanish) and took a bottle of tequila to enjoy and forget about what happened. Reynoso was taken by the elixir and being an entrepreneur, decided to investigate further! That’s how the tequila came to be — at Reynoso’s house (Casa De Reynoso). By the way, after realizing what a mistake the beautiful woman made she approached him only to hear that he had a new love — his tequila! Needless to say, he was no longer interested in her… to her regret!”

So there you go, a tequila born of a man scorned and named for his buddy. Aged 8 1/2 months in oak, we reviewed the reposado expression. It appears that a blanco and anejo are on the way.

The color is quite light, like a light pilsner beer, and the nose speaks of big agave character. It’s quite similar to its Rancho Nuevo sibling, pungent and a bit peppery. A sip smooths things out, with lots of warm caramel notes, lemon, and tea leaf. Some cinnamon in there, too. But the agave pervades it all. The finish is long, lasting, and sweet.

Ultimately it’s a very pleasant reposado that improves further with glass time. Sounds like Casa de Reynoso’s creator made the right choice when it came to selecting his muse.

80 proof.

A- / $30

Casa de Reynoso Reposado Tequila




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