Review: Rebel Yell Bourbon (2011)

Review: Rebel Yell Bourbon (2011)

rebel yell whiskey

Will Rebel Yell have you crying, “More, more, more?”

Admittedly the name does not instill the confidence of high quality. Like Fighting Cock, perhaps, it connotes a rough and tumble Old West style. I poured a glass and prepared to be burned in more ways than one.

I was surprised to find that Rebel Yell is far more innocuous than its vocal name might imply. First off, it’s a wheated Bourbon, which invariably lends itself to more softness. While age isn’t disclosed, the whiskey does feel a bit young, and there’s a certain kick and brashness to be found in the raw grain character. But it’s not altogether rough, just a bit pungent.

Stepping back, Rebel Yell has largely classic wheated Bourbon characteristics: Vanilla, a lively undercurrent of cinnamon, and wood notes. That graininess lingers on the finish, but it isn’t unpleasant. For all its rough-and-tumble aspirations, Rebel Yell ultimately comes together as one of the lighter and simpler whiskeys I’ve tried in recent memory.

80 proof.


Rebel Yell Bourbon (2011)




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  1. james breeden on December 22, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    A straight on review of this bourbon. I can drink this straight and enjoy a pleasant whiff from the glass, An honest bourbon.

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