Review: The Bruery Black Tuesday

Review: The Bruery Black Tuesday

Drawing allusions to the Stock Market Crash of 1929, The Bruery experienced its own “Black Tuesday,” which eventually led to the naming of this massive imperial stout. While brewing, one of the assistant brewers left a mash paddle in the tank, causing scalding water and grain to slowly flood the brewery and burn those trying to contain it. Like the stock market, though, The Bruery was able to recover and salvage the remains of Black Tuesday.

Living up to its name, Black Tuesday is a glossy, foreboding black. A surprising amount of carbonation and bubbles can be seen slowly rising up the sides of the glass, continuously feeding and resupplying the tan head. Black Tuesday comes across as bold and brash in the aroma, as dark chocolate, anise, roasted malts, and alcohol all battle for top marks. For being aged in bourbon barrels for fifteen months, Black Tuesday doesn’t display as much as the barrel as I would’ve expected. The bourbon is buried underneath most of the sweetness and alcohol heat, but there is a noticeable amount of vanilla that helps cut through some more of the abrasive flavors. As it settles on the palate, it continues to develop and evolve, and the sugary sweetness of the malts lends it an alcohol-soaked fruit flavor.

It is no surprise that at 18.3% abv, this beer is pretty hot in terms of alcohol presence, but I have to say that the flavors go a long way in covering it. However, that aspect coupled with a sweet profile makes this a sipper and I would highly recommend splitting this at least two ways!

18.3% abv.

A / $30 per 750ml bottle /

The Bruery Black Tuesday




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