Review: Edinburgh Gin (2011)

Review: Edinburgh Gin (2011)

What a fool I am. Here’s yet another Scottish gin, with the name of a Scottish town right there in the branding. Don’t I feel smart?

Edinburgh Gin is distilled with classic gin botanicals, plus the addition of Scottish juniper, pine, heather, and milk thistle. The pine is a bit eyebrow-raising, and sure enough this is a very evergreen-forward gin. It’s interesting the different direction it takes from a more classic juniper spirit, though: Here the gin comes across as distinctly “of the forest,” more earthy, and almost like taking a long walk in the mountain woods. It’s what I expect most people wish their juniper-forward gins tasted like: Warming and just a touch rustic, full of character.

This does put a damper on secondary notes, to some extent. I get lemon and orange peel, and hints of coriander. The finish offers mild sweetness, not harsh at all. I expect the deco labeling will telegraph to drinkers that this is an ultra-modern, “progressive” gin, but the reality is that it’s old school in the best possible ways.

86 proof.

A- / $32

Edinburgh Gin (2011)




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  1. Alex Nicol on November 15, 2011 at 1:44 am

    Hi Chris
    The label is mainly a font from Edinburgh in the 1920’s hopefuly bringing an Art Deco feel as you will know the 1920,s & 1930’s were the most exciting time for cocktails in the UK. We tried to recreate a gin that was “traditional” but rooted in Edinburgh in the packaging and the liquid.
    The recipe is traditional and comes from a now defunct company from Leith (the port of Edinburgh) and they used imported and Scottish ingredients in Gin production.
    In a nutshell your instincts and eyes are good.
    Regards Alex

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