Review: Brugal Ron Anejo Rum

We’ve covered the Dominican Republic’s Brugal Rum before and declared its Extra Viejo (old, but no age statement) an awesome rum at an unbelievable value. Brugal Anejo is aged three to five years in American white oak casks and, like it’s kissing cousin, represents an incredible value.

What does 20 bucks get you? Good, old rum. The attack is sharp, but it soon melts into a buttery body, studded with green pepper notes, mango, pineapple, and big wood notes on the finish. That finish is what knocks it down a peg, though: The petrol bite evident there makes it not nearly as good as the amazingly well-balanced Extra Viejo, an upgrade which represents the best five dollars you may ever spend on a rum. Still, even though its big brother is the more awesome sibling, Brugal Anejo represents an excellent value for what is a consistently high-grade product.

80 proof. Update: New bottle image attached.

A- / $20 /

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