Review: iX MiXers

One way to prevent a hangover is to try any number of hangover prevention products before you go out. (I’ve reviewed dozens of them on this blog.)

Another idea: Drop your poison into a hangover-stopping mixer directly, bypassing the need for a preliminary (and often nasty-tasting) pre-cure.

That’s the idea with iX MiXers, a pair of 250ml cans of soda-like mixers: Naturally flavored, lightly sweetened (well, 20 grams of sugar worth), and lightly carbonated… and, presumably, filled with anti-hangover vitamins, minerals, and those ever-important electrolytes.

It’s not entirely clear what those additives comprise: There is no list of post-modern herbs and long-chain chemicals in the ingredients list, but  a can will give you 20% of a daily dose each of Vitamins A, B6, B12, Zinc, Niacin, and Pantothenic Acid, plus 60% of your daily Chromium needs. Everything else in the ingredients is either a preservative, sweetener, flavor, or a coloring agent. Oh, and water. I can’t comment on iX’s hangover prevention claims — I don’t think it’s possible to drink enough cocktails made with iX to even become drunk, much less hung over — but a day after trying them out I can say I feel fine.

iX is available in two flavors:

iX Citrus looks lemony from the yellow can, but the flavor is more Orange Crush. It’s fizzier than the “lightly carbonated” label would make you believe, and sweeter, too. On its own or in a mix, it’s fine, but the resulting 7 and 7, say, turns out more like a 7 and Sunkist. If you’re a fan of orange sodas, this will fit right in, but I find it too reminiscent of my youth for enjoyment in a cocktail. B

iX Berrie — spelled thusly — is a pretty clear play for Red Bull, a big berry character, almost candy-like. A little more easy-drinking than the Citrus version, but after a full can the strawberry/raspberry/Jolly Rancher mix gets a little cloying. It’s a bit more refreshing than the Citrus version, though it makes me wonder why iX didn’t go with some vitaminized classics: Cola and lemon-lime? Hmmm, business idea! B+

about $1 per 250ml can

iX Citrus




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