Review: Lixir Vodka

Review: Lixir Vodka

Wow, a powerful gut-puncher of a vodka from Michigan, artisanal, organic, and all that good stuff. Distilled from local (Michigan) red wheat, plus a little rye and barley from Minnesota, it goes through a continuous column still, purportedly a total of 88 times.

It translates bizarrely: Not into a smooth operator with all the nuance filtered out but rather into one of the most intensely flavorful vodkas I’ve ever encountered. The character is filled with mint and nut flavors — pistachio, hazelnut, and almond melding into the distinct impression of Amaretto and Frangelico liqueurs. The body is huge, dessert like, and filling.

The finish is rough, driven in part by the 88 proof alcohol level but more, I imagine, from the exotic mashbill that goes into this spirit. I love that producers are working with local, organic raw ingredients, but my feeling is that Lixir would actually do better if it was making a whiskey, where flavors like this would give it a head start.

88 proof.

B / $40

Lixir Vodka




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