Review: Clif Family Winery The Climber Red and White

How do you solve a problem like bringing wine to a picnic? No one wants to lug glass bottles around. They’re heavy, they break, and yes, you surely forgot your corkscrew, too.

Problem solved by Clif Family Winery (yes, they same people who make the tasty nutrition bars): Put two bottles worth of wine into a plastic bag with a spigot at the bottom. The bag gets cold quickly, collapses into nothing when it’s empty, and weighs a lot less than glass.

Available in both white (Chardonnay) and red (Cabernet Sauvignon) versions, both are worthy of making a picnic appearance. Both are non-vintage.

NV Clif Family The Climber Chardonnay California is pleasant and very lightly touched with wood. The finish is mild, with melon overtones. A solid match for pasta salad, chicken, or sandwiches. B+

NV Clif Family The Climber Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley — also inexplicably called “The Climber” — is a bit heartier but is still lunch-friendly, a super-jammy red with a chewy, strawberry-laced palate. Easygoing, but definitely on the sweet side. B-

$13 each (1.5 liter bags) /

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