Review: Vegefeuer Overproofed Herbal Liqueur

Wow, Germany, thanks for the firewater!

No, seriously: At 110 proof, Vegefeuer Likor Spezialitat can be ignited. The creators take pride in this — in fact, it is supposed to be ignited for a minute or so before consumption — which perhaps makes this clear, overproof, herbal liqueur is “a drink for friends” that it claims to be.

As just about everything about this spirit implies, Vegefeuer is not a mainstream, big-budget product. This is a family liqueur that, I can assure you, you will have a hell of a time finding at BevMo.

Un-ignited, Vegefeuer is syrupy and thick with mint, hazelnut, and a touch of anise seed. Nothing at this proof is easy to drink, of course, and unflamed Veg’ can only be cautiously sipped or cut with water.

After flaming, Vegefeuer takes on a new character, revealing a huge vanilla character, plus strong notes of pistachio, cocoa powder, and orange. With much of the alcohol burned off, it’s mercifully smoother, too. It’s night and day vs. the unignited Vegefeuer which, I guess, gives you two drinks in one. Nifty.

A- / price unknown /

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