Review: Laird’s Rare Apple Brandy 12 Years Old

Review: Laird’s Rare Apple Brandy 12 Years Old

Aged apple brandy, or applejack, is a rarity, and Laird’s is one of the few U.S. brands that makes the stuff.

This 12 year old is a classic example of the product. Intensely woody on the nose, you might think you’re dealing with a whiskey.

Apple character comes along quickly when you sip it, though it’s never overpowering as it can be with young applejack or Calvados. Here you get a smooth and lightly sweet apple flavor that complements the vanilla, cinnamon, and oak wood character from the aging — almost giving you a rich and intense version of an apple pie (or, perhaps, an apple and a pecan pie served together). The finish is warming without being overly hot.

Applejack has never really been my bag, but Laird’s aged version makes a compelling case for drinking it.

88 proof.

A- / $60 / 

Laird's Rare Apple Brandy 12 Years Old




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  1. cange on October 13, 2011 at 9:16 am

    The 7.5 year old is also delicious and half the price of the 12 (I live in VA and apparently there is an Laird offshoot distillery in my state. Only mentioned it because the 7.5 may be hard to find elsewhere. But if you see it grab it!!!!)

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