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Review: The Bitter Truth E**X**R Krauter Liqueur

Fun fact: E**X**R has more asterisks in its name than any other product we’ve reviewed.

That alone makes it exciting, but the product is also worthwhile on its own merits.

Also known as Elixier (overseas) and EXR — there were some issues with the original name, courtesy of your government overseers — E**X**R is a mild amaro style liqueur, and a good introduction to this type of bittersweet spirit.

For anyone scared of Cynar or Fernet, EXR is a good segue to the digestif style of spirit. Moderately sweet with a mild bitter edge, it is, typical of amari, somewhat syrupy, with cinnamon, raisins, and nutmeg notes. The overall effect is less Fernet and more of a mulled wine or even a tawny Port.

The sweetness fades as the bitterness zips up quickly in the finish, then soon fades as well. Neither heavy nor grimace-provoking, E**X**R is actually easy to drink because of its balance. More seasoned amaro fans may find it a little simplistic, but it’s still worth a try.

60 proof.

B+ / $32 / the-bitter-truth.com

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The Bitter Truth E**X**R Krauter Liqueur



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