Review: 2009 Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Why aren’t you drinking Israeli wine? Perhaps because you didn’t know it existed, no?

Galil Mountain is one of the country’s most exported labels. That may not be saying a whole lot, but it does at least give you a chance to try these unique and interesting reds.

2009 Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Galilee is a big, burly red, thick with pruny, raisiny notes, heavy with tar and cedar notes. This would all be OK, but the finish is off, tough as nails and intense with coal and hardened leather. Needs time, but I’m not sure the fruit that remains after all that tannic terroir that lives in this wine would survive for long in the cellar. C+

2009 Galil Mountain Merlot Galilee is surprisingly far more successful, a soft and easy Merlot with mild plum fruit and chocolate notes. Some greenness around the edges, but this one goes down quite well and is a stark contrast to the meaty, rough-hewn Cab. B+

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