Review: Manana Tequila

Mañana, of course, means tomorrow in Spanish. Maybe the name foreshadows a simple reality that you should wait to buy the stuff. (You certainly won’t miss those brightly colored bottles, though, each featuring a tiny metal sculpture of a man in a hammock, which swings back and forth inside a recessed portion of each bottle. Nutty!)

Manana Blanco Tequila – A straightforward silver tequila, unrested and simple. Very strong agave character, with a pungent nose and a crisp bite. Unmistakeably tequila, this is not a subtle, easygoing spirit but rather a tequila that announces itself and doesn’t let up. That’s not a bad thing, really, but a lack of complexity and some greenness in the finish make it somewhat less interesting for more than one shot. B / $45

Manana Reposado Tequila – The barest bit of yellow color on this tequila seems indicative of its youth, but Manana’s reposado spends a full eight months in barrels. Strangely, it’s not enough to have much impact. Agave is again the centerpiece here, though it is tempered a bit by some caramel notes and, surprisingly, bright lemon character. The finish is long and herbal. I like the balance here a touch more than the blanco, but the light body makes it less of a thrill than one might like. B+ / $55

Manana Anejo Tequila – Manana’s anejo jumps to two full years in cask, but judging from the extremely light color, I thought perhaps some kind of mistake had been made. Once again, this doesn’t quite get the job done. Now the lemon and citrus notes take the forefront, followed by creme brulee and caramel, and finishing off with agave again. Balance is way off, and the finish is unremarkable for an anejo with this pedigree. B- / $65

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