Review: Averna Amaro

Review: Averna Amaro

More bitter stuff, this time the classic amaro (the Italian term for bittersweet digestifs) Averna. Like Cynar, Averna has been a mixology staple for a few years now, though it originated in 1868.

Hailing from Sicily, Averna is sweeter than most of its compadres, striking a pleasant balance between bitter and sugary. The body is oily and thick, but the flavor is light considering the appearance in the glass. On the nose: Cinnamon and citrus. In the mouth, the same, more lemon on the finish. A touch of nutmeg and licorice.

All told, Averna is an excellent intro to bitter liqueurs, a smoother and simpler way to please both your sweet tooth and your sour stomach at the same time.

64 proof.


Averna Liqueur




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  1. t on February 5, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    What is the base spirit of averna?

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