Review: Samovar Tea Blood Orange Pu-erh and Nocturnal Bliss

We don’t just get wine and whiskey here at Drinkhacker. Sometimes we get (and drink) tea.

Here are two new varieties from the pros at Samovar, both in closeable bags (not a fan).

Samovar Tea Blood Orange Pu-erh – Pu-erh is named for a shopping area in Yunnan Province, China and it encompasses a variety of tea types, both raw and cooked. This Pu-erh is quite citrus in tone. The tea flavor is mild and pleasant with woodsy overtones, and the orange (and grapefruit) oil leaves a moderately lingering finish. Refreshing and summery, and not at all pungent. B+ / $18 (100g box)

Samovar Tea Nocturnal Bliss (pictured) – An herbal blend featuring all-organic ingredients including rooibos, lemon myrtle, lavender, cornflower, and stevia. Very pretty! Lemon is big here, overpowering the floral notes of the tea, which come off more in line with a Ricola cough drop. For an herbal tea, it’s awfully earthy. Needs sweetness to balance it out. B- / $18 (100g box)

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  1. J.G. February 3, 2011 / 10:40 am

    That is a lovely photo.

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