Review: Vodgria

Is this sangria-flavored vodka? Or vodka-infused sangria?

The world may well debate it forever, but while you noodle over that one, we turn our attention not to Vodgria’s name but its very essence.

At 30 proof, it’s a touch stronger than most wines (and considerably stronger than most sangria, which is wine cut with fruit juice and spices). The color is dark red, and it’s unmuddled with pulp and herbal bits, the usual hallmark of actual sangria.

In the glass, the semi-syrupy liquor looks more like juice than wine, and the taste follows through on that. Wine character is vague and overpowered by strong cherry and a touch of orange citrus and grape juice flavors. The effect is more like a punch than a sangria, and it while it doesn’t have a lot of nuance, it’s considerably more exciting and palatable than cherry infused vodkas.

I prefer real sangria — or even the bottled stuff — to Vodgria, but I imagine a younger crowd would find this more to their liking. They would also be far less likely to be paralyzed by the name, too.

30 proof.

B- / $13





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