Review: Beefeater Winter Edition London Dry Gin

Review: Beefeater Winter Edition London Dry Gin

Gin is traditionally associated with summer drinking — and in fact, Beefeater put out a “Summer Edition” gin earlier this year to take advantage of that notoriety. So what do you do when winter’s chill is felt? Put out a “Winter Edition” gin to try to prove the snowbirds wrong.

Beefeater Winter Edition is likely going to be considerably tougher to find: It’s available only in travel retail (aka duty free) shops, price unknown, for a limited time.

It’s traditional gin with a plus: More citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pine shoots in the infusion, bottled at 80 proof.

The results are less out there than you’d think. Beefeater Winter Edition is milder than standard Beefeater by a mile, mellowed out by clear cinnamon and fresh orange — not bitter orange peel — notes. A bit of vanilla character here, though it’s not in the recipe. Juniper is muted — unusual for this distillery — but still present. I’m not sure I can discern between juniper and “pine shoots,” but either way, the evergreen portion of Beefeater Winter Edition is pleasantly there, yet kept in balance with the other botanicals in the gin. Perfect, dare I say, for a little winter tipple.

80 proof.

A- / $NA /

Beefeater Winter Edition London Dry Gin




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