Review: Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon 2001 Vintage

Every year Evan Williams produces a single barrel version of its classy Bourbon. Incredibly affordable, these bottlings feature outstanding quality and are regularly snapped up soon after release.

For 2001, Evan Williams a quieter whiskey than last year’s masterpiece, which, compared to this year’s expression, has a spicier backbone and a racier structure. Lots of caramel, nuts, wood, and some citrus notes. Great balance, once again in this whiskey, and it’s ultimately very similar to the 2000 version, just with a touch more roughness, frontier-style, on the finish. It’s perhaps not quite as complex as the ’00, though it’s just as easygoing as a sipper.

Again, remember that these are single barrel bottlings, and each bottle will differ from one bottled from another barrel.

Sampled from barrel #59, bottled on 12/02/2010 (making it nine years old). 86.6 proof.

A / $26 /

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  1. J.G. December 29, 2010 / 11:44 am

    I received a bottle from barrel #74 for Christmas. It is remarkably smooth. Very big on the caramel with a hint of cinnamon and toasted cardamom.

    This is a great deal too.

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