Review: Moon Mountain Vodka

This brand new vodka hails from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It’s certified organic, and, somewhat more interestingly, is distilled in copper pots. The triple-distilled spirit is sourced from (unspecified) grains grown in Minnesota and Indiana. Bottles don’t look like much, but they are individually numbered. Sampled and reviewed here was bottle H0480.

Moon Mountain has no fear of slapping you upside the head with intense bite and a big body. I’m thinking wheat and likely rye in the mash used here, giving it a kick that belies its standard 80 proof. The nose — purely medicinal — offers few hints of this, but the finish is sweet and, again, mouth-coatingly full. You get a little orange citrus overtone as it fades away — an effect that takes quite a bit of time.

I’m not completely sold on how the powerful kick and sweet finish of Moon Mountain play together here, and balance remains a concern. That said, this is a vodka that comes with an impeccable pedigree at a price that’s difficult to argue with. I’d drink it again.

B+ / $20 /

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