Review: Warsteiner Premium Verum Beer

Review: Warsteiner Premium Verum Beer

A fairly staid German pilsner (or pilsener, as the Germans call it), Warsteiner has been a survivor for some 250 years. It’s a little hard to believe considering how plain this beer is. A light gold brew, Warsteiner Premium Verum comes across as immediately bitter and not terribly fresh. Preserved, almost with some bitter lemon peel, and the kind of old, dried herbs you’d find buried in the back of your spice rack. The finish is lasting and, frankly, not really pleasant, but you’ll drink a bit more to wash the aftertaste out and keep things moving along, I suppose.

4.8% abv.

Update 10/2014: More recent encounters with Warsteiner have been far more positive, offering up a less motley collection of malt and roasted nuts, fire-toasted grains, and a touch of bitter citrus peel on the finish. Quintessentially German, with a lasting, malty finish that rolls around on the tongue for quite a while. Updated rating: B

C- / $10 per six-pack /

Warsteiner Premium Verum Beer




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  1. Sam on August 27, 2011 at 8:08 am

    As a German, I don’t get it either – we can buy all kinds of speciality beers from small breweries – but at every party or bbq everybody will turn up with a six-pack of this stuff, or something equally bland from an equally big corporation.

  2. Mike on October 27, 2014 at 11:52 am

    I don’t think its that terrible, but I do think the other beers are better – – I do here many good things about the “Herb” beer – It will be making its debut in America sometime next year. Cheers!

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