Review: Don Q Limon, Gold, and Gran Anejo Rum

Review: Don Q Limon, Gold, and Gran Anejo Rum

We’ve reviewed rums from this Puerto Rico distillery a few times before (here, and here), but this time we’re really getting into the good stuff, with Don Q’s Gran Anejo the top of the company’s standard product line.

Don Q Limon Rum is the company’s citrus-flavored rum. Lemon/lime is the focus here, and the rum (aged about one year) part of the equation takes a back seat to the citrus notes. Much like a citrus vodka, but sweeter. A bit of tough bitterness mars the finish, but this would be a perfectly good substitute for citrus vodka in a Cosmopolitan or in a Caribbean-style Lemon Drop, and obviously would work well in a Mojito. 60 proof. B+ / $17

Don Q Gold Rum is a blend of rums aged 1 to 4 years — and is said to be the rum used in the world’s first Pina Colada. Light gold in color, with a fairly strong medicinal character to it. More woody than you’d expect, but that lends itself more to tannin than gentle smokiness. 80 proof. B- / $18 

Don Q Gran Anejo Rum has been recently repackaged and renamed, dropping a “D” from the old Don Q Grand Anejo moniker. A blend of rums aged 3 to 12 years in both American white oak and used sherry barrels. This is Don Q hitting its stride in full. The sherry notes are strong and lush, giving an orange tartness to balance the sweetness of the rum, well mellowed by time in wood and smooth as silk in the body and finish. Notes of straw, raisins, and cinnamon in the body. Good balance all around, though slightly tight in the finish. A totally solid choice for sipping after dinner. 80 proof. A- / $70 

Aka DonQ.

Don Q Gran Anejo Rum




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