Tasting Report: 2010 CCOF Organic Wine Tasting

Tasting Report: 2010 CCOF Organic Wine Tasting

Here’s a funny thing: In the world of food, organics provide serious credibility: An organic food product is thought to taste better, be healthier, and is priced accordingly, often twice that of a conventional product.

But in the world of wine, being organic gets you just about nothing. Organic wines are generally thought to be cheap and inferior, as if the “organic” label was nothing but a marketing gimmick slapped on cheaper bottles.

I don’t get it, and obviously neither do the California Certified Organic Farmers, who raise the grapes that go into these wines. At a recent event the organization put on a tasting of a few dozen wines and beers, all organically made. Though I missed the beers, I found that quality on the wines is about on the same level with most of these wines as it is with ones made from conventionally farmed fruit.

A tasting report of 15 organic wines follows.

Tasting Report: 2010 CCOF Organic Wine Tasting

2006 Kelseyville Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon / B / young and tannic

2007 Terra Savia Meritage / A- / interesting mix of plum and spice

2007 Chance Creek Sangiovese  / A- / lighter in style, with good herbal balance

2006 Hallcrest Cabernet Sauvignon / C+ / overly fruity, funky

2007 Hagafen Regulus Pinot Noir / B+ / Burgundy style, good character

2006 Hagafen Proximus Pinot Noir / A- / better balance

2007 Hagafen Merlot / A- / fruity

2007 Alma Rosa Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills / B+ / thin on the finish

2007 Alma Rosa Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills La Encantada Vineyard / A / fantastic richness, perfect balance

2007 Amapola Creek Syrah / A- / good body, big and lush

2006 Amapola Creek Cabernet Sauvignon / B / tough, tight

2007 Emtu Estate Pinot Noir / B- / very fruity

2006 Emtu Estate Pinot Noir / B- / similar

2006 Silver Mountain Pinot Noir / B+ / tart, good fruit

2004 Silver Mountain Alloy / B+ / juicy

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  2. Elizabeth on February 2, 2011 at 12:30 pm


    I just wanted to let you know that CCOF is an organic certification agency that certifies the grapes grown by the vineyards or wineries represented at the event. They are not involved in the growing of the grapes or the making of wine beyond verifying its organic status. Visit http://www.ccof.org if confused!

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