Review: Amigo bf4e Tequila Reposado

You’re not crazy. Someone really did put “best friends forever” in the name of their tequila.

That someone is Amigo, and the best friends in question are this bottle of tequila and you.

But let’s put the name aside and see where we get. 100% agave, with no chemical additives, Amigo bf4e comes only in a reposado expression, aged two months in oak and bottled at 80 proof.

On first rush, it’s a hot tequila, but give it a little time in the glass. Soon you’ll find it opens up pretty nicely, exhibiting buttery and sweet vanilla notes along with a nicely balanced agave character on the palate. The finish doesn’t go for bite, but instead goes back to the sweet, with caramelized sugar, flan, and a little burnt orange. A tiny touch of bitterness in the denouement, but that doesn’t ruin a quite impressive experience.

For this price, this is an amazing tequila. I’d love to see what Amigo could do with an anejo. In limited distribution on the west coast.

A- / $30 /

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