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Review: Steinlager Pure Lager

The enviro craze has been slow to get to the beer world, but with Steinlager Pure it lands with a vengeance. An organic, touchy-feely vengeance, I mean.

This rendition of the classic New Zealand brew Steinlager is all about sustainability. No additives or preservatives. Just, as the label notes, water, hops, malted barley, and yeast, all from New Zealand. It’s not organic, but it’s all “sustainable.”

The flavor backs that up: Like Steinlager, this is an extremely light-bodied beer, an easy-drinking thirst-quencher with a very mild body, a light to moderate sweetness on the mid-palate, and a clean and crisp finish. Served very cold, it is refreshing and delicious. You can’t taste the vitamins, but it feels awfully healthy.

Must be so. Right? Right?

3.5% abv.

A- / $9 per six-pack / steinlager.com

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Steinlager Pure Lager



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