Review: Three New Gruner Veltliners

Three new Gruner Veltliner white wines from our friends in Austria, all very low in alcohol and worthy of attention!

2008 Zantho Gruner Veltliner – A very crisp wine, with apple, lemon, and some peach notes. Very light body, and just 11.5% alcohol by volume, with a simple and light finish. Quite refreshing. Sealed with a glass “cork.” A- / $8

2009 Domane Wachau Terrassen Federspiel Gruner Veltliner – A bigger spin on Gruner, more tart than Zantho’s offering. Less refined, with mineral and fruit characters that are a little out of balance, but still a solid wine. 12.5% alcohol, making this the brute of the bunch. B+ / $16

2009 Fred Loimer “Lois” Gruner Veltliner – The zippiest and most vibrant of the bunch, a fresh and zesty wine with lots of minerality, with tropical character — mango and especially pineapple notes. A very light sweetness. 12% alcohol. A / $15

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