Review: Reál Sangria White Sangria

Review: Reál Sangria White Sangria

Most of us know red sangria — with fruit a-bobbing in the pitcher — all too well.

Reál Sangria is now offering a pre-mixed white sangria, a relatively obscure spin on the classic, which uses white wine instead of red to achieve a lighter, fruitier taste.

This white sangria is relatively simple, but quite refreshing. The picture on the label really tells the story: Reál Sangria White tastes like white wine, fresh grape juice, and a heavy splash of orange. The fruit salad approach of many other sangrias is absent here; instead you get a brisk and moderately sweet concoction (alcohol level is strangely noted on the label as “7% to 10%”) that works well with food (serve over ice) and goes down without much fuss. Not much complexity, to be sure, but with burgers and chips, maybe you don’t need it.

Imported from Spain.

B+ / $7

Reál Sangria White Sangria




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