World’s Strongest Beer Concocted

World’s Strongest Beer Concocted

At 120 proof, or 60% alcohol, is it really a beer? $45 will get you a third of a liter and, probably, a trip to the ER.

A Dutch brewer with a penchant for competition has laid claim to creating the world’s strongest brew: a beer that is some 60 percent alcohol by volume.

“You don’t drink it like beer, but like a cocktail — in a nice whisky or cognac glass,” brewer Jan Nijboer told Dutch news agency ANP.

Nijboer’s Almere-based brewery, ‘t Koelschip (The Refrigerated Ship), sells the new beer, which is 120 proof and dubbed “Start the Future,” in a one-third liter bottle for 35 euros ($45) each.

Nijboer told ANP he developed the new brew to keep up with Scottish outfits that were also pushing the boundaries of beer’s alcohol content.

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  1. J. Lindsey on July 30, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    I have to admit I’m curios about these beers. $45 puts this bottling in the realm of possibility. Unlike BrewDog’s attempt…but the gruesome stuffed squirrel huggie would keep me away even if it wasn’t so expensive.
    I wonder if these super high proof beers can fall prey to the same hazards that skunk and ruin more common brews?

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