Review: Vision Vodka

Review: Vision Vodka

This boutique vodka comes from a curious pedigree: It’s the brainchild of awards designers, the team that created the Golden Globe statuette and the MTV Video Music Award.

What do they know about vodka? Nothing, really, but it turns out the spirit they’ve come up with — produced in small batches at the rate of 12,000 bottles per day, max — isn’t bad at all.

Distilled from grain in the United States, it’s a surprisingly smooth vodka for a grain-based spirit, with a distinct caramel-like sweetness. Some of that traditional, medicinal vodka character can be found on the nose, but it’s mostly absent in the body. The finish offers some herbs, perhaps lemon peel, too.

Then there’s the bottle, which is not quite a Golden Globe but is certainly handsome. In my opinion, though, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

80 proof.

A- / $25

Vision Vodka




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