Review: Feudo Arancio 2008 Dalila and 2007 Cantadoro

Review: Feudo Arancio 2008 Dalila and 2007 Cantadoro

Feudo Arancio makes a variety of traditional and international wines in its Sicily-based winery. We tried two of the more noteworthy bottlings, both blends.

2008 Feudo Arancio Dalila is a blend of 80% Grillo — a native Sicilian grape often used in Marsala wine — and 20% Viognier. The body is reminiscent of Pinot Grigio, though the Viognier addition is obvious on the nose. Understated and lightly floral, with round apple and peach notes, it’s an uncomplicated and simple wine that will offend no one at the table. B / about $20

2007 Feudo Arancio Cantadoro is a red blend: 80% Nero d’Avola and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, another mix of local grapes and an international varietal. Intense and smoky, this wine packs a punch right off the bat. Plum — to the point of prune — is the foremost fruit character, and the smoke laced throughout the wine adds depth. That said, it’s on the harsh side, and it needs food to really feel at home. B- / about $20

2008 Feudo Arancio Dalila




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