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Review: Cardhu 12 Years Old (2010)

Cardhu Single Malt — a major component of Johnnie Walker blends — has been out of U.S. liquor stores for years — not since 2003 has a single malt version of Cardhu been for sale in the U.S. (A controversial “pure malt” expression of Cardhu — a blend of single malts from various distilleries — was available for awhile, but it was a much different product than this.)

Now Speyside’s Cardhu (hugely popular in Spain) is back with its 12 Year Old single malt expression, and it’s a lively one worth trying.

Cardhu 12 Years Old is made in a light, sweeter style, uncommonly rich with honey. The nose adds lavender and heather to the sweetness, but that sugary richness in the body is hard to overpower. Like a higher-tier Johnnie Walker, it turns out to be a simple and easy-drinking whisky, best suited as an aperitif or as a simple mixer.

80 proof.


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Cardhu 12 Years Old (2010)



Christopher Null

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  1. Edoc July 21, 2010

    Saw this at the local store and I was tempted to buy it. Just over $50 in NJ, though.

  2. Edoc July 30, 2010

    Found it at another store for $39.99. Very nice– not complex, but a nice sweet edge that makes it very approachable. Definitely a great aperitif.

  3. Mike October 14, 2010

    This stuff was selling for $250 at the LCBO not so long ago. Now, after numberous price drops, it is down to the low, low price of $164.95. I’m not even joking.

  4. H December 22, 2010

    34$ plus tax in specs, Houston, TX

  5. dan templeton January 28, 2013

    I have been in China since 2004 but did buy Cardhu in Colorado til 2004. Now bot first bottle in Texas, $44.00
    Taste very nice, neet.

  6. jack April 27, 2013

    Have unopened in box limited edition….1970…. includes booklet stating 55 of 5455. Will sell.


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