Review: UV Coconut Vodka

Review: UV Coconut Vodka

You aren’t imagining things: UV Coconut is white. Not clear in a white bottle. It’s white. Like milk.

It’s actually the first white vodka, a naturally-flavored spirit sweetened (considerably) with sugar cane, distilled four times, and left in a murky/milky color for you to figure out how exactly to present it.

The utility is obvious: Blend with pineapple juice and ice and you have a quicky faux pina colada, sans Coco Lopez, that is at least correct in color without having to fake it with that jug of 2% milk that expired last week.

The taste, as mentioned, is overwhelmingly sweet, but the coconut does at least come through a bit. No one will be drinking this straight, of course, and as a super-sugary tropical mixer, it gets the job done well enough. At 60 proof it’s not overly watered down to the point where you’ll have to resort to kicking it up with something else in your drink.

60 proof.

B / $13 /

UV Coconut Vodka




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